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Today - and every day - 274 Americans will die because of an undetected blood clot.

Blood clots affect many people — people from all walks of life — and no one person is any less important than another. It's difficult to look at these numbers and not think of the individuals — their families, their friends — and not ask oneself, "Could I be at risk for a blood clot?" The answer most certainly is, "Yes, anyone can affected by blood clots." Blood clots do not discriminate. Tragically, too many lives are affected by blood clots, and too many lives are lost because public awareness about life-threatening blood clots is so low.

Your generosity will help prevent countless deaths by supporting our mission to educate the public about the signs, symptoms and risk factors of life-threatening blood clots.

Awareness can make all the difference. Join us and become a part of NBCA's empowering mission to raise awareness - and save lives.